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October 31, 2008


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Seth Godin

well said!

Ed Welch

Hi Seth,

Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you enjoyed my thoughts about your post.

Jim Cecil

As usual, great minds do think alike.
See Verne Harnish's comments recieved simultaneously with today's blog:
Verne wrote:
OK, my deepest apologies - I tried something, giving people an option to read my thoughts on the election, which I shouldn't have and I simply ask for your forgiveness.

Obviously, I'm hearing positive comments from those that support my decision. However, I've heard from enough of you that it was a bad idea that I have to concur. This wasn't the right forum. What I care most about is helping growth firms and they seem to survive no matter what the situation so long as they keep their heads about themselves and remain disciplined - I'll stick to my message and find other forums for expressing my political thoughts (it's actually a hobby for me - I served in Washington and learned a great deal from the experience).

Keep on learning and growing,

The "Growth Guy"

Jim Cecil

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