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October 05, 2008


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Great list, Ed!

Here's one more:

* Are eligible to get $13 million in severance after three weeks of employment.

Ed Welch

Hi Jodi!

Thanks for stopping by. That one should go on the list for sure.

olivier Blanchard

"Only learn about your business by reading reports and attending meetings."

"Believe cost-cutting is the best solution to most business problems."

"Believe cost-cutting applies to everyone but you."

I love it! Great list. :D

I agree with the comment you made about social media and customer service you left on Church. Social media opens up new communication channels and opportunities for companies to connect with their customers, but I think it's dangerous to claim that social media is the new customer service. A new fad in customer service, okay. A new trend or discipline in customer service, sure. But it doesn't go beyond that.

As for the chicken or the egg idea, I have yet to work with a company for whom social media was a gateway to become customer-centric. If they aren't already customer-centric, something as fluffy to them as "social media" won't change that.

Great blog, Ed.

Ed Welch

Hi Oliver:

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your kind words. This was a fun list to write.

Regarding social media - that is my biggest concern. Too many businesses might try to use it as a "quick fix" rather than adapting themselves - making some organizational changes that might be required.



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