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December 29, 2008


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Wow, Jean-Philippe. This is so cool! An 11th-century perspective on the importance of tribes.

And I love that Renbaudus (the knight) has his own Twitter and Facebook account. (:

Steven Devijver

Cluny! I've been there, it's a wonderful town in a wonderful region. Cluny used to be the biggest monastery in Europe and had many outpost across western europe, including in Antwerp, Belgium. There I used to live in the neighborhood where there used to be a Cluny-inspired monastery.



Thanks Pace!
Yep, Renbaudus from the far 11th century is trying to keep up with the new technologies. He doesn't own an iPod though because he wouldn't know where to plug it in :)


Yes Steven you're right! It's a little known fact that Cluny abbey used to be the largest building in western Europe up until the 16th century when St Peter's basilica in Rome was rebuilt, purposely, just a few inches longer.

The power of Cluny's network helped stabilize medieval Europe. That's something I am enjoying developing through Renbaudus' narrative on my website.

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