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July 22, 2010


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Ed, I posted on Facebook too - this is an excellent approach and review! It's my favorite so far of all the Linchpin reviews I've read. I love how you personalized it and made it four days with Seth. Very nice!!!

Elaine Pennartz

Ed, This is a great review. You have succeeded in making even my lizard brain want to read Seth's writings. The review is entertaining and informative. Thank you for not withholding it for months, but "shipping" it on to us readers.

Ed Welch

Thanks Becky! Those words mean a lot of me coming from you. You're as familiar with this Seth and Linchpin as anyone. Thanks again!

Ed Welch

Thanks, Elaine! This review has been a challenge. And as you understand, writing it isn't nearly as hard as fighting the lizard and shipping the thing! lol

Paul Durban

Great job, Ed. I'm so glad you shipped this review. We would have really missed out on something special.

Marcos Gaser

Excellent review!

Ed Welch

Thanks @Marcos & @PaulDurban. I appreciate you guys stopping buy to read it.

You're so right, Paul, when we don't ship art, we're possibly depriving someone a thing of value to them. Guess that might be the most important reason to be a Linchpin?

Bill Gemmell


A fantastic piece of art! Smacks of Charles Dickens and Christmas Carol!


Ed Welch

Thanks, Bill, but you've got me turning red now. Still, I learned long ago to never turn down a compliment! :)

Tom Bentley

Ed, loved the way you unfolded this tale, with stops at art galleries and zoos (what, no ice cream parlor?).

Skin that lizard and make gloves of him. Good post.

Ed Welch

Tom, thanks for stopping by! It would be nice to skin that lizard and wear it on my feet. Also, I'm hoping Chris Brogan will take me to an ice cream parlor while reading his book. :)

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